Actually I am a homeless person seeking to get out of my bad situation by doing e-commerce.

I have plenty of vision, but let us keep it small for now.

I live in a care home for homeless people, with free WIFI, and I figured that I could take it upon myself to find great products and match them with consumers. By doing so I make everybody better off, myself, my customers, my suppliers and whatever network that I use to promote my business, such as Facebook and Google, and affiliate marketers as well.

I have investigated e-commerce for a while now, since recognizing that e-commerce could be a benefactor in my life, and thus I have decided to do e-commerce in order to negotiate a better standard of living and a better standing in life.

I will do what I can to find the best products available in my niche such that my customers will be pleased.

What I do is dropshipping, this business model is one which I can afford.